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22 November 2008 @ 04:41 pm


1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Angelia
4. Romantic Ni Violence

1.  Kill Me Kiss Me - I love this track. A perfect blend of pop and rock with a little bit of electronica mixed in there. The two voices work well together and work amazing seperately when they hit the verses. The little phrases interlaced throughout the chorus definately kept me drawn into the song and will keep anyone else interested too.

2. Angelia -  This song starts of with great guitar riffs and the duo saying Angelia with their voices edited. This is a nice song, somewhere between a rock-pop song and a rock-ballad. Definately interesting to listen to with the amazing rock influence throughout the song. The only English phrases they use in this song is the title. The only thing that stuck out to me was the bells ringing in the middle...it was a little strange.

3. GIZA GIZA - Starting off with some steady synth beats, the duo trade off soloing and singing together throughout the verse leading into the chorus. It's a nice song altogether but nothing really stands out about this song. The chorus, though, is extremely catchy as they speed up with the singing.

4. Romantic Ni Violence - With a title incorporating both romance and violence in the same phrase, this song has to be mysterious. It starts off pretty fast pased and remains that way throughout must of the song. The synth they use on their voices sounds pretty awesome and the chorus is really catchy. I didn't notice the clapping the first time I heard the song, but that must mean it ties in well with the song.

5. WALL FLOWER - The song starts off with the gentle tune, but then the guitar and bass kick in. The song is less rock/pun then the rest, so its a nice change. It's much more laid-back than the other tracks.

This is the debut mini-album from duo HANGRY&ANGRY and it's made a great impression on me. They're definately talented and know how often to use manipulator and how to use their natural voices. The rock elements compliment their voices extremely well. One of the upsides (and downsides) is the lack of a ballad to this, but since this isn't a complete album, that can get away. The only thing strang about this was how they ended with "WALL FLOWER" instead of a steady rock song. Otherwise, this mini-album is definately worth a listen
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02 November 2008 @ 07:36 am

雨が降る (Ame ga Furu [The Rain is Falling]) by Maaya Sakamoto

1. 雨が降る (Ame ga Furu)
2. プラリネ (Praline)
3.  雨が降る (Instrumental)
4. Praline (1 + 1)
This is Maaya's 16th single, done in collaboration with Kano Kaori. For me, most of Maaya's work that I've listened to was done in collaboration with h-wonder, so this will be a different sound for me. She is well known seiyu who is also known for her theme song and insert song performances. I first heard her because of her contributions to Tsubasa Chronicles and then later as the voice of Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club.
1. 雨が降る (Ame ga Furu) - The song starts off peacefully with a solo string and then strong strings come in with a light piano accompaniment. Then Maaya's lovely voice comes in strong and clear. Than at the chorus, some rock elements kick in and Maaya starts the overlaying in her voice. At the end of the chorus, it returns to the strong but gentle instrutmentation. Her voice sounds in control throughout the whole song and is clear, plus she doesn't do that vibrato thing I don't like too often. The song then ends in simple strings, a perfect ending.

2. プラリネ (Praline) - The B side track. As expected from most b-sides, it doesn't live up to "Ame ga Furu" but is a good track. Its a good paced song, prominently driven by a guiter accompanying Maaya's voice. Her voice does sound a little strained when she goes to the higher notes, but that's because of that interval jump is not so easy.

4. Praline (1 +1) - This, I guess, is a different version of "Praline" and  this version is significantly different by the fact that it's mainly a piano accompaniment. This version is much more calm and relaxing, but it seems like something is missing when she goes for those higher notes. It just seems that this song isn't complete without the guitar. But the piano instrumentation sounds awesome by itself.
Overall, a good single. The a-side stands strong, but the b-sides are nothing too memorable. I love Maaya, but this isn't anything like the her previous works singlewise. But I'm glad to hear from her again. (7.5/10)

Here's the PV. I think Maaya looks to serene, but for some strange reason, I don't picture Maaya to look like that. But her dresses are really pretty and the big lights in the background really do flatter her.
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27 October 2008 @ 08:41 pm

HEART STATION by Utatda Hikaru
This is the 5th studio album (not including Exodus) of my all time favorite Japanese artist, Utada Hikaru. Utada is most known in the western world for her contributions to the game series, Kingdom Hearts. She performed "Simple and Clean" and it's follow-up "Sanctuary". I will admit that it's thanks to Kingdom Hearts that I found her. She holds the record for the number one album in Japan and possibly in the music industry, with her debut album "First Love". 

1. Fight the Blues
3. Beautiful World
4. Flavor of Life ~Ballad Version~
5. Stay Gold
6. Kiss & Cry
7. Gentle Beast Interlude 
8. Celebrate
9. Prisoner of Love
10. テイク 5 (Take 5)
11. Boku wa Kuma
12. 虹色バス (Ni-jiro Basu)
13. Flavor of Life
1. "Fight the Blues" - The first track is not the title track, but a great way to open her album. This sets up the sound of the rest of the album, which is more contemprary and experimental compared to her other previous albums. She interlaces a few inspirational english phrases like We fight the blues, and I hate to lose throughout the song. Her voice sounds in control and there is her typical style of overlaying her voice throughout the song. She shows a good range and a good tone. 
2. "HEART STATION" - The second track is the title track and is one of Utada's ballads. This song starts off nicely with bell-like sounds and a little bit of synch. This song shows off Utada's range very well, with most of the verses starting off in her upper ranges. The chorus remains mostly in her lower range, but will raise to her upper range. The rhythm of the sound, though a little slow, will tend to get stuck in your head pretty easily. In the middle, there is a little section where Utada speaks in english, creating a radio type surrounding. Throughout the whole song, her voice flows smoothly, especially into the higher, more whistle type notes. This song deserves to be the title track. 

3.  "Beautiful World" - This track starts off inspirationally with the words It's all in love, it's all in love. The beat is something you can bob your head to and the piano melody playing throughout the song at parts is something to stop and listen to. This song is mostly in her lower register, but it sounds beautiful when she rises up. The chorus is interlaced with the words Beautiful world and beautiful boy and again with it's all in love. Her voie pulls this song off perfectly and the instrumentation is absolutely lovely.
4. "Flavor of Life ~Ballad Version~" - When I first heard this song, I wondered whether this was the only version produced and that Ballad Version was part of the name. The string accompaniment mixed wonderfully into the ballad, fading in and out throughout the song. This song again is mostly song in her lower register, possible the song with her voice going to the lowest range. She sings overlays throughout the song in her higher range and improv parts also. All in all, this song was beautiful, but listening it too much would get boring quickly.
5. "Stay Gold" - This starts off with a lovely piano solo and then Utada joins in. This song is inspiring with phrases like My darling, stay gold laced throughout the chorus. The verses are sung in her lower register and most of the chorus in her higher. (Do I see a trend in here?) This song is relatively simple without many synch sounds to ruin the purity of it.
6. "Kiss & Cry" - This song starts out with a retro sound, with that capturing my interest. Reading previous reviews, I heard that this song sampled "Hotel Lobby" from her Exodus album. Which it does, but in a different sense. In the chorus, it jumps back and forth between english and japanese, making it quite interesting. This song is sung in a relatively broad range with no section being too low or too high. The chorus itself is really catchy, possibly capturing the early stages of her career in this one song. Through the song, she constantly jumps between the two languages, allowing for us non-japanese people to actually be able to sing along at the chorus. The final minute of the song is really hypotizing, with Utada speaking in english layered under her improv.
7 and 8. "Gentle Beast Interlude" and "Celebrate" - The interlude is a good transition between the songs it's sandwiched inbetween. It features her voice nicely and smoothly transitions into "Celebrate." This is possibly my favorite song on the album, even though it's non-single. The difficulty of this song is high because she jumps practically an octave from one note to the next and then back down in the note after that. Though the title would suggest a dancy/club type song, it's really not. It is catchy, but nothing that will be seen in the clubs to dance to. The break in the middle is interesting to listen to because it's almost just barely there. The tempo seems to slow down but then picks right back up.
9. "Prisoner of Love" - I'm a prisoner of love, just a prisoner of love, a prisoner of love. The 9th track begins with Utada singing those lines in her upper range. This, in my opinion, was just a typical ballad, though a very powerful and strong one at that. The quickened pace of the chorus compared to the verses pulls your attention to the chorus as she repeats the english words prisoner of love. The beat is ever present and strong with the strings switching short stacato rhythms to smooth flowing ones.
10. "テイク 5 (Take 5)" - I've heard that this song is about death, but in a positive light. The lyrics describe how death can be a way to actually take 5 from the busy days of life, giving us something to look forward to in the after life. Her voice sounds in control and something about it makes me remember her BLUE era. The thing about this song is that it ends aburptly, symbolizing how death can end abruptly.
11. "Boku wa Kuma" - It seems out of place in the album, picking up directly after Take 5, but it's a nice song, nontheless. It's a cheery children's song, so it would seem childish at parts. But it's a success for Utada's attempt at a child's song.
12. "虹色バス (Nijiro Basu) - After the child's song, it picks up with an upbeat piano rhythm that leads into Utada's vocals. This song is upbeat, catchy, and another one of my favorites on this album. It shows off her range well and the piano rhythm is extremely infectous. Relatively simple with the synch playing a prominent feature in Utada's experimentation.
13. "Flavor of Life" - This was the original version of "Flavor of LIfe" and is just a little more fast paced than the ballad version due to the precussion instrumentation througout the song. There is also other elements of synch with the strings playing less of a role in this mix. Another nice song, which I do prefer a little over the ballad version.
Standout Tracks:
Kiss & Cry
Prisoner of Love
Ni-jiro Bus
Overall, I give this album an A+. I could listen to all the songs without wanting to skip any of them with an exception of a few. Though many fans say that all the songs sound the same, this sameness, in my opinon, gives this album a sort of unity. Although, to me, they don't all really sound the same with each song having a distinct rhythm and vision that Utada was driving for. This is possibly my favorite album for the reasons stated above. Although it doesn't have my favorite song, it does showcarse Utada's skills and voice very well.
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22 October 2008 @ 10:20 pm

Don't really know what I feel like doing. I'm waiting for my next D.Gray-man episode to load, so I might as well do something with my time. Speaking of D.Gray-man, I think it has to be one of the most amazing animes ever. It may not be as popular as something like Bleach or Naruto or (dare I say it) Pokemon O_O, but it has one of the best plots I've seen in quite a while.

D.Gray-man centers mainly around 15-year old British native Allen Walker, who has a cursed left eye and deformed left arm. The thing is that his left arm is what is called his Innocence, a gift given to chosen disciples by the Gods used in the fight against the Akuma army under the Millenium Earl. His cursed eye can see the souls of the Akuma. His goal is to become a exorcist in order to free these souls from the Millenium Earl's control and allow for the souls to be free. By joining the Black Order, Allen becomes an exorcist and makes many new friends. Lenalee, Kanda, Lavi, and Krory, along with Allen are the main group that the anime centers around as they learn of the Millenium Earl's plan to rid the world and of the Noah clan.

I have yet to read the manga, but I'm thinking that I'll pick that up sometime. Currently I'm at episode 94/103, so the end is quickly approaching. It'll be sad to see this anime end, but I think closure would be the best thing for me if I want to watch other non-airing animes.

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20 October 2008 @ 08:45 pm

No review today, but I actually feel like I've accomplished more today than I did over this weekend.
To start off, I finally finished my Bio Enzyme Lab Introduction, which I don't really feel confident about yet, but it'll get there. It's not that hard a lab, but it's just the fact that it was our own design a lab which really worries me. That and the fact that all the numbers seem out of wack. Our own lab group got huge numbers. But that doesn't matter, it seems that everyone else is in the same boat.
The English Essay ADQ on Hester's Pride in her Humility was a fun thing to start. I didn't finish it, but I got a good chunk of it done. But honestly, I think Hester's just too proud about her rebelling against the Puritan ways or is just insane. I don't really understand how she's proud about being humble. Then there's the Hester back story that I gotta start. I get to write about Hester's perfect childhood.
Math was nothing today, but I did feel smart because I was so far ahead on our math problems that we were doing in class today. I just wish that all my AP classes were like that. But sadly no. Sigh.
Choir was choir. You know, singing the soprano 2 part that I so love...(yes that was sarcasim). And then while trying to learn my music, getting scolded for pointing out where we are. Yes, that is the story of my life. Ain't it grand?
Home was no more fun. Annabella, godbaby of mine, was really cranky today and didn't want to drink her milk. All she did today was make little stink bombs for me and my grandma to clean up after. Another great chapter of my life. Baby diapers. And then I kept getting distracted while doing my homework, pretty much like right now while I'm trying to study for Social Studies. I should really get on that. But I'll have like an hour in the morning, so it'll go over well (yes, that was also sarcasim).
Times like this make me want to play Kingdom Hearts 2 just to see Sora and Riku in their awesomeness. I love them both so. That, and Utada's singing at the end of the game. That song is so soothing and sounds great in both Japanese and English in my opinion. Which reminds me, I should really prep that Ouran Host Club ep for Halloween day. Why can't two Fridays past quickly. That also reminds me, got a Leo's meeting tomorrow, which will eventually remind me that I've got to go to open house on Thursday. Yes, life is grand.
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19 October 2008 @ 02:57 pm
After watching the first season of Vampire Knight and falling in love with the opening theme, I was excited to hear that twin brother group ON/OFF would be singing the opening theme for the series sequal, Vampire Knight Guilty (why they picked Guilty I will never understand). After hearing the previews, I loved the song, although I thought that it wasn't as strong as their previous single.

1. Rinne ~Rondo~ (輪廻 ~ロンド~) - This is a great song and very lovely with how the brothers' voices blend throughout the song. The trading off between verses is done very well in this song also. It doesn't live up to its ancester "Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi" but is a strong contender. I, however, don't really like how the song ends. It really should've just ended with the brother's last singing part.

2. Rainy Lady - I quite enjoy this song. Their voices sound great in this, but it really don't show anything off. Just another average, but catchy, jpop song.

3. GO∞2 - This song is done in a different style then the two previous songs, starting off with a more techno intro. This sounds like they're experimenting with different styles to show off their versitility. I think the song was done very well and their voices are perfectly synched. It's a quite refreshing sound compared to the previous songs.
4. Sen no Nemuri no Hate (幾千の眠りの果て) - This is a nice track, but nothing really special. They're voices sound really nice in this song though.
Over all, this is a really nice single, but ON/OFF, though one of my favorite groups, won't really make it big unless they pull out all the stops and make some amazing song that will shake the charts. I believe that these boys are talented and can do it, but just need to do it. (7.5/10)

Here's the PV. I am loving this song and the boys do look cute in the video. The girl is very Yuuki-esque and looks very lovely playing the violin. I also love how the boys attempted to put some dancing into the video. All in all, a nice video.
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19 October 2008 @ 02:26 pm
I kinda had to start a livejournal in order to keep in touch with some of my favorite music sites, so I guess I'll have to do something with it. I'm thinking of posting reviews of singles and albums that I've been listening too and also things about anime series that I'm watching. Who knows. I guess I'll have to decide sometime.
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