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22 November 2008 @ 04:41 pm
Review "Kill Me Kiss Me" by HANGRY&ANGRY  


1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Angelia
4. Romantic Ni Violence

1.  Kill Me Kiss Me - I love this track. A perfect blend of pop and rock with a little bit of electronica mixed in there. The two voices work well together and work amazing seperately when they hit the verses. The little phrases interlaced throughout the chorus definately kept me drawn into the song and will keep anyone else interested too.

2. Angelia -  This song starts of with great guitar riffs and the duo saying Angelia with their voices edited. This is a nice song, somewhere between a rock-pop song and a rock-ballad. Definately interesting to listen to with the amazing rock influence throughout the song. The only English phrases they use in this song is the title. The only thing that stuck out to me was the bells ringing in the middle...it was a little strange.

3. GIZA GIZA - Starting off with some steady synth beats, the duo trade off soloing and singing together throughout the verse leading into the chorus. It's a nice song altogether but nothing really stands out about this song. The chorus, though, is extremely catchy as they speed up with the singing.

4. Romantic Ni Violence - With a title incorporating both romance and violence in the same phrase, this song has to be mysterious. It starts off pretty fast pased and remains that way throughout must of the song. The synth they use on their voices sounds pretty awesome and the chorus is really catchy. I didn't notice the clapping the first time I heard the song, but that must mean it ties in well with the song.

5. WALL FLOWER - The song starts off with the gentle tune, but then the guitar and bass kick in. The song is less rock/pun then the rest, so its a nice change. It's much more laid-back than the other tracks.

This is the debut mini-album from duo HANGRY&ANGRY and it's made a great impression on me. They're definately talented and know how often to use manipulator and how to use their natural voices. The rock elements compliment their voices extremely well. One of the upsides (and downsides) is the lack of a ballad to this, but since this isn't a complete album, that can get away. The only thing strang about this was how they ended with "WALL FLOWER" instead of a steady rock song. Otherwise, this mini-album is definately worth a listen
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